Our Professional Labeller Solutions

At EXA Systems, we know how important it is to make a company’s production profitable. That’s why we’ve developed labelling solutions especially for you, the professionals.
Our solutions include smart systems that make it possible to create attractive high-resolution labels, all in compliance with applicable safety standards. With EXA Systems, you enjoy unparalleled solution integration expertise!

Beer bottle labellers

Take advantage of our personalized solutions! For all your brewing projects, we have what you need: strong and effective beer bottle labellers. Whatever the scale of your production, this high-end equipment adapts to your needs: budget, quantity, without compromising quality.

You can also choose its rotation system: manual, semi-automatic, or automatic. That way, you can easily control the quota of labels made by the machine.

Cylindrical package labeller

Our labelling solutions for round containers such as cans are both technically advanced and cost-effective. They are capable of solving difficult labelling problems that normally require expensive rotary systems.

Our labellers can achieve high application speeds for even better performance. By pairing them with Machine vision equipment, you can be sure that the labelling and marking on your containers will be 100% accurate.

Wine bottle labellers

Reduce your costs with our innovative and comprehensive wine bottle labellers. They are ideal for your wine production and offer significant qualitative value. The label printing and application systems are developed with the greatest care. With them, your bottles remain in place throughout the application chain, regardless of the chosen speed.

EXA Systems is there to find you THE suitable labelling solutions. Trust us! We will exceed your expectations.

Box labellers

Whatever your professional field – retail, healthcare, or food – our box labellers will do wonders. Our self-adhesive label printing and application machines operate on packages of all shapes, sizes, and surfaces. Whether it’s the corner of a box, the top, the bottom, or a side, we have the solution you need!
The parameters of use are displayed with clear icons and allow for advanced management of the functions. An ideal solution for your company’s productivity!

Pallet labeller

Are you looking for an effective automated solution to label your pallets? EXA Systems has the right solution for you! Our pallet labellers offer you industrial-grade label printing for increased productivity. Their application mechanism and the rotary movements of the applicators will change your life.
Thanks to EXA, you enjoy exceptional added value and an increasingly attractive performance!

Corner wrap labellers

Optimize your production time with our precise and durable corner wrap labellers! These labelling machines are aimed at multiple sectors. Take advantage of remarkable working autonomy thanks to their enhanced features.
Our corner wrap labellers can quickly adjust to your environment and your needs. Label printing and application has never been so simple!

Syringe labellers

Our syringe labellers are specifically aimed at the healthcare sector and the pharmaceutical industry. They allow for suitable, ultra-precise handling of small, curved surfaces. By choosing our labelling solutions, you have the guarantee of a job well done!
The internal system of the devices offers you maximum labelling speed without sacrificing quality. Performance and speed: this is what you can expect with our labelling machines!

Questions for us?

Do you have questions about our labelling solutions? We’ve put together a little FAQ section for you. If you need further details, contact us! We’re always at your service.

Not necessarily. The EXA team can integrate and adapt the labelling solution to your working environment.

We are a systems integrator, so we can work very well with your current equipment. Our team will be able to adjust the print & apply module to your current conveyor belt.

We use components that can withstand the harshest climatic conditions. We can also place the conveyor belt on wheels to move it if the environment requires cleaning.

We have label applicators equipped with servomotors that ensure an extremely fast and precise flow. The application quality will not be affected.

It’s easy! We have applicator with air-blow that can blow the label onto the product so that it matches the shape of the surface. To finalize the application, we sometimes use a brush or a foam roller.

What they think...

EXA Systems Inc. has been a supplier of choice for us for many years. They have always advised us in the choice of equipment (printers, scanners, tablets) adapted to our manufacturing/industrial environment. They are efficient and have always supported us very well when technical problems occurred.

Richard Mannering - Soucy Group

EXA is our supplier of choice for all our needs in the field of identification and bar code reading. Their human approach combined with a great experience make them an excellent partner that has been helping Doyon Després to reach its objectives for many years.

Maxime Fiset - Doyon Després

A great team with exceptional service. Exa knows its stuff and always finds the right product.

Brad Landry - Aluminerie Alouette

I have worked with the EXA team for several years and have always had #1 service with both the sales and technical teams.

Daniel Dussault - Colonial Elegance

Working with EXA is like having an instantly expanding team. Always there to help us meet our challenges. Simply put, EXA is the personification of the word ‘partner’!

Stéphane Rousseau - Air Inuit

EXA has proven numerous times their value as a strategic partner for all our cold storage barcode scanners needs, all across Canada. They bring experience and expertize to the table and are determined to provide quality service

Dave Rouillard - Congebec

A customer-oriented approach!

Luc Trudel - Richelieu Hardware

Our company has made a significant investment in technology. Their technical support, knowledge and advice are excellent. They were able to understand our needs, and direct us towards winning solutions. Without any commitment from us, they offered us a complete and personalized service. We are confident that we have found a partner we can trust.

Eve Perreault - Sani-Marc

As a long-time client, I have always appreciated the efficiency and professionalism of the EXA team.

François Milette - Novexco / Hamster

A service that meets our requirements

Louis-Philippe Auger - Ameublements Tanguay

Very good customer service. Efficient and professional.

Frank Reale - Cobra Anchors

Unparalleled technical support. EXA is an extension of our technical component.

Normand Brault - Tenaquip Ltd.
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