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Achieve flawless quality inspection in any environment. Customize your Zebra VS70 by choosing from four image sensors and a world of C-mount external lens and lighting options.

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The customizable VS70 can address complex processes and environmental challenges. Whether you need a wide angle lens to capture large parts, a zoom lens to inspect a distant component, or a specialized lens for precise measurements, you can do it all with the VS70

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Use any standard C-mount external lens to achieve the range, depth of field and field of view your application and environment require. And compatibility with virtually any external lighting solution ensures the capture of highly accurate and detailed images, even in low-contrast, curved and reflective areas. With this single powerful and intuitive Zebra Aurora™ software platform, it’s exceptionally easy to set up, deploy and run the VS70 and Zebra’s entire family of Machine Vision Smart Cameras and Fixed Industrial Scanners, bringing a new level of simplicity to controlling enterprise wide manufacturing and logistics automation solutions.


Monochrome: 2.3 & 5.1 MP

IP65 & IP67

1D, 2D and OCR

Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, CC-Link, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP

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