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Zebra’s VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer is built on the Android platform and designed for the warehouse.

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General informations

You need a rugged device with a physycal keyboard that will make that migration and device management simple,support your ‘green screen’ apps today, and a touchscreen to support the Android apps of tomorrow. Get it all with the VC8300.

360-degree support

Free 30-day returns

1-year warranty

Exceptional technical support

Product details

You need a rugged device that will make migration and device management simple, easy and cost-effective. You need a keyboard to support your ‘green screen’ apps today, and Android to support the apps of tomorrow. Get it all with the VC8300, the ultimate ultra-rugged Android vehicle mount computer – designed for the most extreme environments.


8 in. 1280×720, 1000 nits

Android 10 & +

-30°C to +50°C

Qualcomm SD 660 octa-core 2.2GHz

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We offer delivery and returns under certain conditions. Please contact one of our representatives to know the details about our policy.
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