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Ring Scanner RS5100


The industry’s most advanced Bluetooth ring scanner, the RS5100 outshines its competition with the ability to scan faster and offers up to five times the battery power.

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General informations

The RS5100 next-generation ring scanner is practically weightless, and so small your customers won’t even notice it. There’s a wearing option that will bring comfort to every worker.

360-degree support

Free 30-day returns

1-year warranty

Exceptional technical support

Product details

The RS5100 sets a new standard for single-finger rugged Bluetooth ring scanners. Workers get featherweight comfort, maximum ease-of-use, plus reliable point-and-shoot scanning on every barcode. The RS5100’s rugged design is built for industrial environments like the warehouse and manufacturing floor, while its modern design and small footprint make it equally suited for customer-facing areas.

6.0 ft./1.8 m to concrete

NFC / Bluetooth

1D/2D short range

-20°C to +50°C (with high cap battery)

1 year

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