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The MC9300 is the continuation of the world’s best-selling mobile terminal, the MC9200 with innovative capabilities.  If you were using the Psion XT15 or Teklogix 7535, you will love the MC9300.  This is the perfect companion into your warehouse or DC for your WMS or inventory purposes.

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Over three million MC9000 Series mobile computers streamline processes in warehouse and manufacturing plants worldwide.   This is the sequel of the popular Psion Teklogix 7535 and XT15.  But today’s demanding customers require you to ship more orders every day, faster than ever. Introducing the mobile computer that can get it done, the ultimate ultra-rugged MC9300 — the next evolution of the world’s best-selling handheld.

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Introducing the MC9300 mobile computer — the next evolution of the world’s best-selling and most trusted Android enterprise mobile computer from Zebra.  When your business deserves the best, the MC9300 delivers, providing the ultimate Android platform, the ultimate in application support, the ultimate ultra-rugged design and the ultimate accessory system. And since you can run your existing TE apps right out of the box, migrating to Android couldn’t be easier.  You need help?  EXA Systems is happy to assist you!

10.0 ft./3.1 m to concrete


Android 10 & +

-20°C to +50°C / -30°C to +50°C

Qualcomm SD 660 octa-core 2.2GHz

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