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L10 Series


The Zebra L10 rugged platform, formerly manufactured by Xplore Technologies, offers a variety of tablet configurations and a shared accessory ecosystem that sets a new standard in office, vehicle and field-based computing.  Available in Windows or Android.

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General informations

Whether your mobile workers prefer a slate tablet (XSLATE L10), a tablet with a rigid handle and built-in barcode reader option (XPAD L10), the Zebra L10 ensures that your workers have the right computing tool to thrive in their environment.

360-degree support

Free 30-day returns

1-year warranty

Exceptional technical support

Product details

Whether you opt for Windows and one of the Intel® processors or Android and the Qualcomm processor, your XSlate L10 will deliver more than enough computing power. The 4G LTE card (optional with Windows) will give you an even greater boost if you need it, providing much faster download and upload speeds than previous generations. A hot swappable battery is standard, but this tablet will stay powered for over 24 hours with the extended-life, accessory battery.

4.0 ft./1.2 m to concrete


Android or Windows


3 years

Delivery and returns

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