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Introducing the B-EX series – a premium range of industrial printers for a wide variety of applications with a mid-range price tag.

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General informations

The B-EX series is the premium range of Toshiba industrial printers for a wide variety of applications.

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1-year warranty

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Product details

The B-EX4T1 comes with a wide range of features and options to meet your individual needs. ∙ Side opening for safe and easy ribbon and media replacement ∙ Anti ribbon wrinkle function reduces paper and ribbon wastage ∙ Near edge-print technology for exceptional long printhead life ∙ Optional ribbon save fuction fir ribbon savings up to 75% ∙ Snap-in printhead and platen roller reduces maintenance costs ∙ Language capabilities: TPCL, ZPL II, DPL, Basic Command Interpreter (BCI) ∙ Optional dual band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)

4″ (104mm)

203 / 300 dpi

14″ /sec

+5°C to +40°C

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