Thermal Transfer Labels and Ribbon

EXA Systems offers you the integration of an automated labelling solution with our thermal transfer labels and thermal transfer ribbon for thermal printers, such as Zebra. Discover everything about our labelling products as well as the advantages of automating this process.


EXA Systems Labels and Ribbons

EXA Systems designs and manufactures thermal labels and distributes thermal transfer ribbon at our factory in Montreal. Now let’s discover everything there is to know about our labelling products and why it is to your benefit to choose EXA as your automated labelling solutions integrator.

Zebra thermal transfer labels

These labels easily adapt to environments such as warehouses, freezers, and shelves. We use quality materials and adhesives tailored to your needs. Among our selection of materials, you will find paper, polyester (for harsh environments), vinyl, metal, and Tyvek materials.
We also have a variety of labels in stock in the most popular sizes. Discover them in the PDF below.

Zebra thermal transfer ribbon

If you have a thermal printer, you need to print variable data such as barcodes, logos, and alphanumeric text through thermal printing. EXA offers you thermal transfer ribbon suited to your printers, classified according to your marking needs and the conditions in which your labels will be used. We also offer color ribbons for Zebra, Honeywell (Datamax), or Sato printers.

Cleaning cards

To extend the lifespan of your print heads, we highly recommend using cleaning cards. Discover the cards offered by EXA Systems now by requesting a free sample.

Frequently asked questions about thermal adhesive labels and thermal transfer ribbon

If you have additional questions about our products and services, don’t hesitate to use our contact form or chat system. One of our experienced integrators will take the time to answer all your questions.
Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions by EXA Systems clients for your convenience.

The lifespan ranges from a few days to a few weeks. Since these thermal adhesive labels react to heat, if the label rolls are kept in a warm place, the lifespan of the label will be lower.

Direct thermal labels don’t require the intervention of a ribbon, because the paper reacts to the heat from the print head. As for thermal transfer, this is done by the print head and allows the ink to be transferred to the label. You can visit our learning center section where you can get more information.

Of course. Some of our materials are synthetic and resistant to rain, heat (often extreme), and cold.

We offer different ribbon lengths to meet the needs of different printers. Our ink ribbons therefore range from 50 to 600 metres.

We have a wide variety of colours available for your ink ribbons. However, for 100% barcode scanning, black is recommended. Don’t hesitate to ask our advisors for a colour chart.

We keep on shelves and manufacture custom labels, and we also have access to hundreds of specialized materials. Our integrators are also capable of finding a labelling solution tailored to your variable data and the reality of your business. Whatever your field or your products, we’re always ready to take on the challenge!

Zero! Our samples are free of charge, even the delivery. We’re proud to offer you the possibility to test the labels in the environment and circumstances in which you will use them.

We are BarTender® authorized integrators and offer comprehensive technical assistance to clients who have purchased BarTender® through us.

Since we are a manufacturer of custom thermal transfer labels, we can create labels of various sizes. Don’t hesitate to speak with our advisors to find a label size that suits your products!

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EXA’s automated labelling solutions are easy to integrate into existing production lines. Our integrators analyze your supply chain to provide solutions tailored to the reality of your business.


You can trust EXA to take charge of the design and delivery of the consumables.


Thanks to the unparalleled expertise of our integrators, we can help your business achieve a return on investment. Optimizing your labelling processes with our automation solutions speeds up production, which lets you save money.