Zebra products

At Exa Systems, the satisfaction of our clients is important to us. We work exclusively with companies whose values and objectives are in line with our own. We’re proud to be able to count Zebra among our excellent partners. Zebra’s printers and mobile computers integrate perfectly with the solutions we offer.

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Zebra solutions at the service of technological innovation

EXA Systems works closely with companies specializing in information technologies with the goal of integrating solutions on our clients’ platforms and software applications.

Zebra Technologies is a world leader for everything related to the design and support of computer accessories. They are an experienced business partner that is attentive to the requirements of companies.

Working with Zebra allows us to offer all our clients the best logistics solutions that meet the most specific needs. Thanks to this partnership, we are therefore able to coordinate and adapt our software development in a scalable manner.

Zebra’s printers are designed to optimize your work and offer you lasting solutions. By combining them with EXA’s expertise, you enjoy an exceptional advantage over your competitors.

We work together with Zebra to help you increase your productivity and achieve your professional goals. We constantly analyze and refine our services to bring you the quality you deserve.

Together, we help you develop and establish the right strategies to envision a prosperous future. Trust us; we take care of your growth!

Zebra label printers

Don’t settle for a simple printer that will break down after a few years of use. Instead, rely on the performance and reliability of Zebra label printers.

The features of Zebra’s printers ensure perfect order management. You enjoy clear and precise label printing thanks to a high-end internal system. Durable and resistant, these printers let you work in any environment!

Deploying and managing these printers is simple and efficient. With Zebra, you save time and money.

Zebra barcode scanners

Do you want superior and efficient scanning quality? Zebra barcode scanners are made for you! These models are capable of reading any code in any situation.

Their line of barcode scanners is specially designed to simplify the overall scanning experience. They also improve user productivity and comfort. As for optical recognition, they capture 1D and 2D barcodes with remarkable speed!

These products are perfect for tracking inventory and delivering packages. You won’t regret your choice!

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