Our Advice on Labelling Solutions

Some might say that a label is just a piece of paper stuck to a product to catch the eye or list the ingredients that it contains. The reality is quite different! A good label is the result of a complete and precise labelling solution. It mobilizes several crucial steps that companies such as Exa Systems offer to businesses. To better understand these issues, here is our best labelling advice for optimizing your systems and managing your resources.

Choosing the right barcode printer

The barcode is a key element of the label. It helps identify the product and pass the information on to the managers. To ensure that it is readable and high-quality, EXA recommends an automatic entry solution such as a barcode printer that will create the label according to your needs. But which model should you choose?

Thermal printers

If you work in fields related to Distribution center, healthcare or cosmetics, our labelling advice is as follows: opt for thermal transfer printers. Your barcode labels stand out perfectly, with a very precise black-on-white rendering. To choose the model that suits you the best, make sure to determine the following criteria:

  • The volume of labels to be produced
  • The dimensions of the labels, which determines the resolution
  • The colour of your labels (black and white or colour)
  • The environment of your printer
  • The printing speed

Choosing the right label

For a good labelling solution, it’s not just about selecting the right printer. You also need to know how to choose the right label! To do this, you need to decide on the type of paper (synthetic, cardboard, Tyvek, vinyl, metallic, or thermal transfer paper), the type of adhesive to use, and the ink ribbon (wax, resin, or a mixture of both: wax/resin).

Evaluate the environment in which you store your printer, because depending on the conditions of the surface, the temperature of the place, and the density of dust, the adhesive and the label don’t react in the same way:

  • Freezer adhesive for very cold environments
  • Aggressive adhesive for humid environments
  • Indestructible synthetic labels for outdoor environments
  • UL/CSA-approved metallized labels for very hot environments

Exa: your expert in automated labelling solutions

Fortunately for you, the EXA team specializes in labelling advice. Most of our products are capable of withstanding the harshest conditions and delivering labels of exceptional quality.

We are an innovative systems integration company. The solutions that we offer are tailored to your environment and your needs. We can adjust our services according to your budget in order to bring you the best customer experience.
Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our automated labelling solutions!

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