An easy way to recycle the batteries used in your mobile devices

Recycle your old batteries of mobile terminals, mobile printers or scanners ZEBRA, HONEYWELL or DATALOGIC.

Our customers in Canada and the USA can dispose of their old ZEBRA batteries free of charge at any CALL2RECYCLE recycling center.

We ship thousands of mobile computer batteries, printers and barcode scanners to our customers in Canada and the USA every year as part of our standard order fulfillment process. Do you know how many of these are returned for recycling when they reach the end of their life?

Yes, and there aren’t nearly as many as there should be, especially considering that battery recycling is a free service to customers across North America (Zebra tracks internal recycling rates as part of its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen).

That’s why EXA wants to make sure you know where to drop off – not throw away – your batteries when the time comes to replace them or retire your Zebra devices.


If you are a smaller business in North America and you don’t have a formal device or battery collection and recycling process set up, no problem. Just take your old device batteries to any Call2Recycle bin in your city or town, and we’ll pick up the charge of having it recycled.

If you are already set up with a battery recycling box from Call2Recycle at your location, then you can continue to send in your older batteries when the box is full in an environmentally-friendly manner per the instructions from Call2Recycle. Or you can schedule a hassle-free pickup by visiting our website. If you don’t have an on-site bin yet, it can be as simple as an old box that would otherwise be recycled.


No matter where you live or why you need to dispose of your old Zebra batteries, we’ve tried by make it as easy as possible for you to drop them into a recycling bin or a box for pickup by one of our recycling partners so you don’t have to throw them into a trash can and load up landfills.

f you’re in North America, you can go straight to a Call2Recycle bin and drop off the batteries yourself, or you can ship them back to Zebra and we’ll route them to Call2Recycle.  Together, let’s do our part for the environment!

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